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Join us in the Skydive For Life 2020

Join us in saving young lives from suicide and saving more families from grief and bereavement

Once you complete your fundraising you can join any of our Exclusive Skydive Days or you can choose any weekend to do your Skydive For Life

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working to save young lives through awareness, prevention and compassion

Ireland still has one of the highest reported rates of death by suicide in the European Union with young males under 21 being most at risk but children as young as 9 years old have died by suicide too. Our experience is that the actual rate is much higher, and almost no school or community in the country is untouched by losing someone to suicide.

As we are going into a new year, 2020, we wanted to provide some information on how important each and every skydive fundraiser is to the work of Youth Suicide Prevention Ireland. We receive no state funding for this vital work so with the donations that Youth Suicide Prevention Ireland will receive from your skydive we can:

  • Provide full training resource packs to 10 more schools in remote areas, or
  • Provide 2 additional school visits reaching up to 600 students, or
  • Provide an extra 25 hours of counselling for priority at-risk teens, or
  • Provide an additional 3 weeks of FreeText Crisis Support,or
  • Arrange an additional teacher training course for 10 teachers

You can help us in our vital, life-saving work, and amaze yourself with one of the most thrilling experiences you can have, by joining our Skydive For Life 2020

"YSPI, saving lives through education"

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Why should I consider supporting youth suicide prevention?

  • During 2020 our facilitators will work, face to face, with over 12,500 secondary school students in around 70 new schools across the country.
  • We are the only youth-orientated national suicide charity and we work just for young people up to 22 years of age.
  • With your help we can increase the number of talks that we are able to provide and bring this vital service to more schools, colleges and youth organisations.
  • Through our awareness and prevention work all across the country we are able to provide resources for young people, their friends, families, teachers, coaches and many more
  • Through our work we provide :-

    •    training resources to schools, colleges and youth organisations

    •    in-class talks to transition year, 5th and 6th year students

    •    easy to follow suicide prevention programmes for parents & teachers

    •    24/7 crisis information services


Why we need your help

About Youth Suicide Prevention Ireland

All the funds we raise this year will go directly towards funding our school programmes. We rely totally on the generous support of the public as we receive no state funding. Youth Suicide Prevention Ireland, a registered Irish Charity (20070670), is one of the only national charities working specifically to raise awareness and prevent suicide amongst the young people of Ireland.

YSPI has only 2 full-time employees who are our highly-trainied facilitators running our Schools Programme. All other administrators including our Trustees are volunteers who donate their time. As of October 2019 the total cost of administering the charity was 13.5% so 86.5% of all funds raised can be used to support our vital work.

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So what can I do to help?

You can help YSPI by joining our Skydive For Life 2020.

Skydiving is an amazing experience as you freefall through the clouds and see the stunning Irish countryside stretching away to the horizon.

By raising sponsorship for your Skydive Challenge you will be helping YSPI to fund our programmes for 2020, and if you can organise a group of 10 or more then we can support you with a free Bingo Night event.

Our Skydive Days for 2020

More benefits of joining Skydive For Life 2020

If you are still just thinking about joining us on our Skydive For Life in support of Youth Suicide Prevention Ireland's Schools Visit Programme 2020
here are a few more benefits to consider.

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Contact Us

For full terms and conditions including our privacy policy click HERE. Our charity registration is 20070670 and can be verified with the Irish Charity Regulator. We are a tax-exempt charitable trust approved by the Irish Revenue Commissioners under charity number CHY18438 and the charity is also an approved body under the Charities Donation Scheme. Our registered office details are: Youth Suicide Prevention Ireland, 1st Floor, 59 High Street, Killarney, Co Kerry V93 N977. Our contact details are 021 242 7173 Our office hours are Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm.